Struggling with Addiction?

In Minnesota we are very fortunate to have a so many different options, when it comes to treatment addiction.  Unfortunately in the midst of addiction these options can seem extremely far out of reach.

I know because I was there once.

I had absolutely no funds for treatment by the time I was finally ready. The cold hard truth of it is ultimately, until someone is ready for it, treatment might not work.  In my opinion forced treatment is extremely dangerous.  I say this because when and addict is forced in to treatment there may be a temporary relief from their addiction but ultimately there is something that just doesn’t click. It’s almost like the addiction plays dead until there is a small sense of security where even the addict feels they are recovered.  Once that security hits addiction shows its ugly face again and there is a relapse.  Relapses after a time of sobriety are dangerous and a lot of the time even fatal.  This is because the body has had “clean” time and its tolerance level has gone down while the addict still craves the same does.   So I’m begging you if you have a loved one suffering just know that love is patient and until they are ready all you can do is try your best to keep them alive.  If you are in recovery and are reading this you are ready! I’m so happy for you!  Don’t be afraid to ask for help because most of us who have been right where you are right now don’t just want to help you, most of us feel a strong need to help others out of the hell we have escaped.

Below is a BUNCH of information to help you in your journey to sobriety.

If you don’t already have one get yourself a BIG BOOK of Alcoholics Anonymous!  It doesn’t matter what form of addiction you are battling this book will help you, read it from front to back over and over with a highlighter in hand.  This book should not be any more than $12, I have found it online as cheap as $2 but if you go to an AA meeting chances are they will provide you one for free.

Meetings are absolutely necessary!  Below are links to meetings throughout Minnesota.

Greater Minneapolis InterGroup:

Saint Paul & Suburban Area InterGroup:

NA Minnesota:

United States Recovery

Listen to AA Speakers

My favorite is Joe and Charlie you can find a collection of their tapes here:

If you go on Google or You Tube and Search AA Speakers you are bound to find one that hits home.

Keep a clean and sober environment

If you are in a situation where your environment is consumed with triggers finding a sober environment to live in is key to your progress in recovery.  On this page I have provided links to websites where you can find sober living homes.  While there is an average cost of $500 to $800 per month, do not let this discourage you!  I have also provided links to websites where you can find possible assistance paying the costs if you qualify.

Below are some great resources to help you find a sober living environment.

Mash: Minnesota Association of Sober Homes

Minnesota Recovery Connection

Solutions Recovery

Minnesota Recovery Treatment options

When it comes to assistance A lot is dependent on both the individual and the company. Some companies can accept GRH housing assistance, some work with treatment providers who charge insurance companies in order to house their clients while in outpatient, and some are strictly self-pay. Depending on which county the resident is living in, it is also possible to apply for emergency housing assistance, but the details of this are slightly foggy, since the county is only set up to fund those who are tenants behind on rent and have a plan with their landlords to catch up on payments.

A lot rides on the structure of the company (LLC, SCORP, non-profit), whether or not the company is a legal halfway house or not, etc.

Group Residential Housing Assistance


More to Come!


As Always
Keep Striving for Progress!!
Tracy Dubej


Once complete this page will be loaded with information to help you through out your sobriety.