Down Time? or a Re-boot of the Soul?

Today we had parent teacher conferences for two of our three children.  My kindergartner had the opportunity to grade herself.  I love the honesty in children.  She’s doing Great in everything except working quietly! 🙂  My seventh grader seems to have the same issue.  Hey, if that’s the worst of it, I can’t complain!

Life gets so busy!  Sometimes it can be easy to over look the most important things when their are so many distractions in today’s world.  My number one rule in life is that my children do not compete with anyone or anything for my attention.  So when my children felt the need to “ground me” from the computer I, most certainly, had to stop and re-evaluate my priorities!  Hence the brief break from blogging.

In my journey of sobriety I’ve learned a lot of things.  One thing I still struggle with is consistency.   I feel like I go through periods of “down time” where I don’t get a whole lot done, other than thinking.  This used to bother me greatly, but I’ve learned that these times are not necessarily a bad thing.  Over time I’ve learned to stop fighting it and instead embrace the time and experience it in its entirety.  I’ve noticed that since then my “down times’ happen less and less and each time I always feel so much better after.  I no longer look at it as “down time” but as a kinda “soul re-boot”.   My mind, body and soul needs time to soak in all the knowledge I’ve been consuming.  Now that I know this I can stop beating myself up for taking the time and start nurturing the time, because it is necessary.  I can stop looking at it as a sign of being incapable of being consistent and start recognizing the signs of when its needed in effort to plan for the time spent re-booting my soul.

I compare it to when I need to restart my computer after an update.  My soul is growing at a rapid speed, I need to re-boot so I can apply the new knowledge I’ve consumed.

So just know from time to time, I may be quiet, but I’m still here!

As Always,
Keep Striving For Progress!
Tracy Dubej


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